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About Sendin & Asociados

Sendín & Asociados is a strategic design studio founded in 1985. We partner with bold organizations who value the power of design.

Through a design-led strategy we design concepts, brands and narratives that build and strength emotional connections and elevates businesses on the new paradigm. We capture brand potential and purpose and translate them into business value. We create value and impact through design.

We use design as a strategic tool to understand customer needs, discover new opportunities, make it right decisions and to define innovative, experiential and visually-dynamic experiences that are meaningful, engaging and the customers actually want.

We take our craft seriously, great design can not happen without passion, intelligence and personal commitment.

Visual Designer / Content creator

We’re looking for a talented designer to join our growing design team. As social media designer & content creator you’ll be responsible to design and publish social media content for a top class fashion brand in China.

On a daily basis, you’ll divide your time between designing and formatting content, taking care of the content plan and actual publishing and community management. A team of experienced art directors, motion graphers and copywriters will be there to support you in order to create engaging content and bring content assets to completion and full distribution.

Key Qualifications / Requirements

• 3+ years of experience as a designer or content creator.
• Proficiency of Adobe Suite, Sketch and formatting software for WeChat (135editor or similar).
• Proven work experience with WeChat, Weibo and other social networks.
• Strong conceptual design ability and thought process.
• Languages: English, Spanish and preferably Chinese.
• High ability to work on fast environments and good communication skills.
• Stay up-to-date with new digital technologies and social media best practices.
• A strong portfolio of work.
• Highly organized and detail-obsessed.

Bonus Points

• Illustration skills.
• Motion graphics skills.
• Chinese full professional proficiency.
• Experience working in the fashion industry.
• Community management experience for brands in digital channels.
• Proficiency with social media analytics.


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