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In Circular we’re making recruitment cooperative. Talent managers recommend great people they interviewed but ultimately didn’t hire and we connect them to other great opportunities in the community –ensuring they are treated fairly.

We launched two years ago and we already close hundreds of tech hires every year –for companies hiring remotely or within Spain (for now). We’re a team of 15 ultra-motivated software engineers, designers, account managers, and talent advocates convinced that recruiting doesn’t have to be a brutal and ruthless industry.

Our culture

We believe that a strong set of values are needed to fulfill our mission. Values that inform every decision we make, every day; concrete and specific ideas that are easy to understand and that guide our relationship with our projects, our customers, and how our team works together.


We have a clear view of our weekly objectives, which we set together according to our team vision. We don’t sell unnecessary services and we have zero tolerance for arbitrarity.

Zero bullshit

Keep-Powerpoints-to-a-minimum policy, we avoid technology gibberish, we simply solve problems and create useful products.

360 efficiency

We strongly believe not all hours of work are worth the same and we are no fans of crunch time. That’s why we have a culture obsessed with efficiency: don’t waste time on non-core tasks, plan in advance, we foster focus, prioritize and re-prioritize to-do lists, avoid meetings, etc. Let’s ship stuff.

What will you be doing?

You will join the Talent Advocacy team –Isa, Sara, and Sandra– to bring the most relevant opportunities from the world’s tech companies to the developers in Circular. Then set them up for success with all the upfront information they need, and guidance throughout the whole recruitment process. Developers choose Circular because of how they feel valued, heard, and supported during a usually stressful phase –changing jobs– and we need you to ensure it stays like that as we grow.

Your main responsibilities will be:

  • Learning how to help developers in Circular from other talent advocates. We have a system in place that allows us to introduce a lot of candidates to a lot of opportunities and still deliver valuable personal support and guidance.
  • Help improve our product, backoffice tools, and current process with your fresh eyes and a positive attitude.
  • Grow professionally to become a full-time Talent Advisor in Circular after your internship finishes.

What we can offer

  • €18k gross annual salary for a full-time internship (1 year).
  • Full-remote work with the option of going to our Madrid office
  • A huge projection in a fast-growing international startup backed by the best investors in Europe –we want you to continue with us after the internship!

We are looking for a talented, ambitious and hardworking individual that:

  • Has finished her degree during the last couple of years.
  • Has people skills and enjoys beating challenging objectives
  • Speaks fluent English and Spanish
  • Takes ownership, is proactive, and thrives in dynamic working environments
  • Is highly organized, tech-friendly and has basic spreadsheet skills




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