Software Engineer: Data / Data Engineer

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Software Engineer: Data / Data Engineer

If you’re a Data Software Engineer , looking to work with a dynamic data science and ML start-up with flexible working; a relaxed culture, where we find time for fun; stock options and great work culture, then read on! 


We’re looking for a Data Software Engineer to work alongside our data science team, developing our algorithm set. If you are energetic and love to solve a problem, keep reading. Male, Female, vegan, carnivore, we don’t care. We want somebody who is excited to work in a diverse team and who can accept they don’t know all the answers but is willing to put in the work to find them. 


About us 

Our vision is to be the global commercial leader in human influence mapping while protecting peoples’ right to privacy. Started in 2019 and based nr. Cambridge, UK, we have just completed our first significant funding. We’re working to combine the fields of network science and machine learning to produce tools that drive results for our customers. 


Role overview 

We’re looking for a Software Engineer with expereince working along side data scence teams to bring their concepts to life. While the role isn’t rigid, these are some of the tasks you’d be needed to do:


 Take python scripts from our Data Science team and: 

Review and optimise code (inc refactor if needed) while keeping the model as is (i.e not model design) 

Deploy to an Azure environment 

Construct relevant tests for integration, function, and performance 

With our storage layer, someone who can: 

Provide oversight and recommendations on storage architecture and technologies 

Increase robustness of  storage processes for the data science team (both import and export) – for the web portal (decouple ds and platform) 

Work with the wider software engineering team to provide data science outputs in a format that facilitates customer requirements using  C# / .NET

Things we’re looking for 

  • Experience working in or closely with a data science team
  • Experience automating common data tasks such as ETL or ingestion processes 
  • Experience working with multiple different storage types & technologies. Think SQL, NoSQL, Table storage, CosmosDB, MongoDB etc
  • Experience designing, deploying and managing databases
  • Experience deploying and managing services in Azure (AWS experience considered if you are keen to work with Azure)
  • Working knowledge of C#/.NET or Python ideally through professional experience
  • Some knowledge of ASP.NET Core & .NET Database ORMs (I.e. EF Core, Dapper etc)
  • Experience writing SQL commands & queries
  • Experience writing integration tests and unit tests


Things that are nice to have 

  • An expert C# or Python developer but will consider other languages
  • Developed microservice or serverless applications
  • Developed private and public APIs
  • Any front end development with any language framework
  • Personal development projects
  • Experience with container technologies such as Docker

Soft Skills 

  • Has an automation first mindset
  • Believe testing is a key aspect of software engineering
  • A clear communicator not only in person and online using tools such as MS Teams Azure DevOps Boards
  • Is passionate about common software engineering principles such as DRY, SOLID etc



We’re a small team, working in a new and exciting space so there will be challenges. We’re putting that front and centre. We don’t know what we don’t know so if that makes you uncomfortable then we’re probably not going to be for you. If on the other hand, this excites you, let’s talk. 



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