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We are looking for a product designer to join our design team.

We need someone able to take a project from the concept phase into production-ready designs.

The candidate would be responsible for helping shape our design system as well as maintaining and updating our existing products.

Sometimes we need to help the marketing team. Our design team is small so you should be willing to help out with all things visual: presentation decks, one-off websites, or even some print materials.

You won’t have to do this all alone. You will work with other designers that will help you get started and provide support when you get stuck.


You have one or two years of experience working in digital products.

You should be able to communicate clearly in English.

You should be empathetic, able to work with little supervision, and supportive of others. You also know how to get things done.

You have solid design foundations (e.g. use of whitespace, grids, color, etc.). You are committed and care about the quality of your designs as well as presenting them. You pay attention to details as well.

You must have some experience with web technologies and designing modern web products: responsive web design and design systems in particular. We are not asking you to be also a developer, but you should be receptive to feedback.

You’ll work from where you want. You should have enough overlap with business hours in Europe. Anywhere between New York’s and Mumbai’s timezones will probably work.

As part of the hiring process, we will ask you to tell us about a couple of projects that you worked on. We are interested to know about how you think about the design process: from initial concepts to the final result.


At BeBanjo, we strive to make our customers great at putting video content online. We build easy to use, powerful web applications to manage video-on-demand (VOD) services. Our customers are broadcasters, Hollywood Studios, and platform operators across the globe. Our tools are at the heart of the ongoing revolution in the way films, TV series, and other media content are produced, distributed, and consumed.

We work fully remotely using Slack, GitHub, Zoom and our homemade tools. But if we feel like going to an office, we have one in London, one in Madrid and another in LA. We host get-togethers in sunny Madrid from time to time because it’s not always easy to bond with your colleagues over a video-chat!

BeBanjo is not a VC-funded startup. Don’t expect parties, video-games, or a gym at the office. We were bootstrapped ten years ago, and we’re proud to have built a growing and sustainable business. We value honest, long-term relationships with our staff and our customers.

We care about nurturing an environment where our best work can happen. We’re kind to each other, esteem each other and look after each other. We’re open and collaborative, we listen to everyone and aim for consensus when making decisions.

We don’t work with impossible deadlines. We do not micro-manage people. We treat all staff like grown-ups, and we trust each person to work when and from where they wish. We don’t value long working hours. We believe in using our time efficiently and enjoying a good work-life balance.

We firmly believe in equal opportunities and continuously foster a workplace that is safe and inclusive for everyone. A diverse team makes better decisions, is more creative, and adapts better to change. Our motivation, though, is more profound than that: we think the lack of diversity in our industry is the symptom of some severe flaws in our society, and we’re committed to doing our part in the ongoing global effort to fix them.


Work from anywhere with flexible schedules so that you can be there for the people you love, avoid commuting every day, be a nomad, find the environment where you’re most productive, and plan your day exactly how you like it.

A competitive salary. We appreciate our team, and we pay accordingly.

An indefinite contract. We value long-term relationships with our staff.

Great flexibility to enjoy however you prefer your 23 days of annual holidays (in addition to the regular bank holidays).

Any hardware and software you need to do your work comfortably.

Support for your continuing education and professional growth: books, workshops, conferences…

An inclusive, supportive, and stable environment where your best work can happen, and you can grow as a designer. We focus on results, not long hours so that you can have a life and don’t burn out.



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