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We are a food tech startup born in Madrid in 2017. We provide restaurants with a full solution to take orders online (app & web) across all channels (delivery, takeaway, in-restaurant) in a fast (ready in 24h) and cost efficient (savings of 40-70% vs. marketplaces) way while owning customer relationships (data, loyalty).
Our vision is to make technology available to any restaurant so they can adapt their business to the new digital era, with the aim to maintain the highest-quality food offering in the city.

We are looking for a Junior Cloud Engineer to help us take our products to the next level, creating solid, scalable, cost-effective, 12-factor based code, and amazing restaurant experiences using APIs.
The Goxo stack uses mainly the following technologies: React Native, React JS, Express, Node.JS y MongoDB. We have a set of products aiming at making the restaurant business digitization seamless.

You will start configuring and deploying our app for new clients under the tutelage of a senior engineer. This will help you understand the steps to produce each application.
As you grow in your knowledge of the configuration and build process you will be able to improve this process and automate it to build a continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline
You will also be able to analyse the architecture, and together with the senior engineer be able to improve the codebase to make it reliable and scalable.
Manage and maintain the Goxo backend so that it grows smoothly and maintainably.
Ensure developments and deployments quality assurance.
Re-scaffold and refactor, sometimes throw away and start from scratch, previously developed modules.
Maintain the Goxo codebase clean.
Provide support to the operations team by resolving technical issues and build utilities together with the devops team to help them tackle the daily operations.
Help other team developers grow in software craftsmanship.

You will be joining the GOXO team as a Junior Cloud Engineer (Full-stack Ninja), so fasten your seatbelt because we want you to grow on the following technologies:
We are looking for an avid learner, someone who thrives in finding new challenges and growing to overcome them. We don’t expect you to be an expert, but we need you to be able to learn and improve continuously.
You will have to grow in the following technology stack:
Scripting skills in python, golang or shellscripting.
React.js (Redux, Sagas, Recompose, Reselect)., Handlebars JS
RESTful APIs / Swagger (Open API) / Microservices.
TDD development and quality assurance (Mocha, Jest or similar)
Object-Oriented Design Principles.
Create multiple backends and APIs, and deploy in containerized environments.
Integrate with API Clients for Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Stripe and other third party services.
Devops culture, setting software development Life Cycle, specifically CI/CD such as Travis, CircleCI or Jenkins.
Linux (Debian based), Git, Redis, Postfix, Nginx, Load Balancer, Google Cloud.
Passion for well-crafted and scalable code.
Entrepreneurial, independent, loves working on new ideas.
Love for food.


You will be joining a great group of people with the common goal to change the restaurant business with technology and data. We’ve been resident at Google for Startups Campus in Madrid as members of Tetuan Valley community, and we’re now entering a new growth phase and building a larger team to succeed as the spanish market leader in ordering platforms for restaurants.
We will offer you an attractive salary package according to your experience and fit to the role. We also give you an opportunity to write history with us and become part of a fast growing company who is changing the restaurant business.


Goxo City

Sueldo: 16.000€-20.000€ annual according to experience

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