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– Tacter – Gaming assistant apps for RIOT Games.

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About the positionWe are looking for an iOS Engineer to lead the design and implementation of new features within our iOS apps: Tacter TFT and Tacter LoR. Rigth now, Tacter iOS apps look like the following:

100% Swift Apps supporting iOS 12 and above.
MVVM Architecture using RxSwift for some features.
Manual Dependency Injection.
Custom modules for Caching and Network Management.
As our iOS lead, you will be the one who builds and maintains Tacter iOS apps in a clean and structured way. You will work in a small high-performance team among android developers and backend developers. You’ll lead team decisions about iOS related tasks but usually working alone during the implementation phase.
We’re looking for someone with:
😃 Previous experience in iOS Development with Swift.

🧠 Knowledge about iOS architectures and common design patterns.
📝 A document first, code later approach. We are remote, we communicate asynchronously most of the time. Good documentation and communication are our pillars.
👨‍💻 Fluency with our current stack. We are open to change the stack over time, but we need someone that can be productive from the first days.
🌐 A minimum level of English to communicate to other peers and document.
We are the perfect match if:
♻️ You’re a quality seeker. We build our own product and we love it! Here, quality is way more important than speed.
🎁 You’ve built and maintained some apps on your own.
💡 You’ve previous experience with: 
Reactive programming and frameworks like RxSwift, Combine, RxCocoa.
Android Development with Kotlin.
Backend with Node.js and SQL.
AWS / Dev-ops

Bonus points:
🚀 You like the startup world. You like to have more responsibility and look to have an impact in other parts of the company.
🏝️ You’ve experience working remotely.

👾 You like computer games. In particular from Riot Games, like ****League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra, or Valorant.
What we offer
💸 Salary between 22.000K€ – 28.000K€.

🕹️ 100% remote from anywhere.
🗓️ Full-time, 40 hours per week totally flexible working schedule. Commit to your work and be present in the meetings, that’s what we ask you for.
How you will workWe are creating a small high performance team, each of us holding a main responsibility: Design, Android, Backend… Yours is gonna be iOS. You will be the one who knows the most about the iOS apps related stuff. Usually, we work together as a team at the design phase, solving the problem first. Then, we implement the part of the solution that is our responsibility alone.
We use a Kanban methodology with several tasks created in different stages of our workflow. Our workflow is a loop similar to this one:

Everything starts with our pretty long idea’s backlog. We mainly rely on our users’ feedback to prioritize its order. Based on users, we decide what’s next, and the UX/UI team (also known as Carlo) **start to work on it.
When they have something to talk about, the tech team, including you, give the first feedback and they iterate again.
We document everything. We make diagrams, graphs, think about different ways of approaching the problem and when we have it figured out, we start coding it. We usually try to reduce every iteration as tiny as possible and deploying many times per week.
We do not usually work with deadlines, and we repeat every iteration as many times as needed to get the result that we want.
Tacter is our product. We love it. Here, outcome quality is more important than speed.


Gaming assistant apps for RIOT Games.

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