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This position is focus in the support to process automation of private cloud of Client is present.

The process automation offers its service to the products available in Client cloud workspace with thousands of virtual servers linked to them. The Techinician selected have to contribute to preserve the required performance for a very demanding service with critical services offered from it.

Part of the time you is oriented to design and supervise CI / CD processes, to make application deployments, to perform code review mainly in Python, to create systems and applications monitoring, mainly based on microservice architecture and to attend users & resolve incidents related to the RPA.

The rest of the time is focus to program new features and functionalities according to the needs of the customers and the business, to correct code and validate the applied solution and to make deployments of new versions in production.

Ansible Tower and APIGEE skills are required.

To have a high learning capacity is key to adopt required skills on new technologies.

High reactivity, proactive improvements and capacity to follow plan action linked to new project and/or incident remediation are part of the day to day of this position.

To work following ITIL methodology is part of the daily basis in this and the rest of IT areas.

Professional Skills, Abilities and Experience
• APIGEE requirements
o Capacity to debug Python code
o Capacity to debug Java stack trace
o Knowledge of HTTP protocol (Header/Verb/Payload)
o knowledge of YAML/JSON
o knowledge of API (Securisation/AuthN/AuthZ)
o Zookeeper
o Kibana
o Apache QPid
o PostgreSQL

• TOWER requirements
o Ansible Tower product and its component tools
o Ansible playbooks development and Ansible roles
o RabbitMq, Memcached, Nginx

• Skills in support and debug on RHEL (6,7)
• GIT repository management
• CI/CD tools (Jenkins) skills
• Team and collaborative working to develop and deliver appropriate solutions skills.
• Experience of delivering strategic priorities within strict timelines.
• Customer service oriented skills.

• APIGEE desirables
o Cassandra
o Nginx
o Prometheus
o Logstash
o Filebeat
o Elastic DB

• TOWER desirables:
o Docker/kubernetes
o SCM (git)
o Bitbucket
o Confluence
o Jira
• Skills on Ubuntu (16.04, 18.04)
• Artifactory skills
• AVI (Load balancer service) skills

• High English spoken and written fluent (B2/C). Mandatory

• On Site Services: From 8:00h to 19:00h schedule to cover in weekly shifts of 8 working hours/day

• On Call Services: Out of regular schedule, in a near future we will provide an On Call services 24/7 to be covered in weekly shifts by team members.

• Our Client is an international company, most of Spanish non-working days out of weekends are considered as business days, so they require Onsite support -but to be covered with a reduce number of staff-. These days -and the OnCall support when it is implemented- have specific compensation, in the same way that if it is required to work in a scheduled activity on weekend.

– Proyecto estable de gran calidad técnica, trabajando en entorno internacional en cliente de Banca,(Madrid).
– 1 día de teletrabajo a la semana, a partir de los 6 meses.
– Atractivo paquete retributivo, a negociar en función de la experiencia aportada al puesto. (Se compone de: Salario + Guardias remuneradas aparte + Contrato indefinido)
– Formación en Fabricantes a cargo de nuestra Empresa, para ayudarte con tu desarrollo profesional.(Somos Partners de Microsoft y Oracle).



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