Designer for infographics


At VimeDigital we are responsible for improving our client’s visibility in the online world. We work in several markets in all continents and we produce content in 20 languages.
We write creative articles that follow different guidelines, in accordance with our clients’ requirements.

Now we are searching for a freelance designer for helping us with creative infographics and cool diagrams the will be published along with our articles.

This is not a one-time only job! We want you to be a steady freelancer of our team, creating different types of images and graphs about different topics! 🙂

What we’re looking for is speed, dependability and high attention to detail.

The workflow:

– you will receive a training session
– your workload will be defined by you
– creativity! 🙂
– no plagiarism allowed, just brand new content

Interested? Don’t hesitate to send your application along with your native language by email.

The rate will be defined per language and skill level.



Sueldo: $ per job (depending on the market)

Tags: Freelance, Remoto

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